About Orange Free Sounds (OFS)

ChatGPT: “Orange Free Sounds is a website that provides a wide range of audio resources for free. They offer sound effects, music loops, and background music that can be used in various creative projects, including videos, games, presentations, and more.

The site is popular among content creators, video producers, and game developers who are looking for high-quality audio files without having to pay for them. Orange Free Sounds is known for its user-friendly interface and extensive library of free audio content, making it a valuable resource for anyone in need of sound effects or music for their projects.”

Behind the site is the musician and sound designer Alexander Blu. You can listen to his music on his website Alexander Blu Music


Orange Free Sounds offers a lot of Free Sound Effects, Music Loops and Background Music for both Commercial & Non – Commercial use.
There are no hidden costs or need to sign-up. Download is completely free.
The Site Database is updated with new material on regular basis.

Briefly about sound effects

Recording or creating of sound effects is not an easy job. You should be persistent and have a little bit of luck.
You will need luck especially when you want to record a cow mooing or a horse neighing.

Just try to make a donkey bray heehaw, I simply couldn’t. And people around you will look at you weird. Can you imagine yourself with a recording equipment including the headphones on your head, braying to the donkey, while the animal is staring at you perfectly silent!!!  Donkey indeed.

Another funny experience was with a goose having goslings… When I came closer to record its quacking sound, it pinched me! Luckily, I had  my jeans on so it didn’t hurt! All my efforts failed, but at least  I was in the fresh air!

Creating sound effects from old analogue devices or new synthesizers can also be very interesting.
There’s nothing new to add regarding composing music or creating loops. I suppose you already know how to do it. You simply sit down and do it.
I do hope you will find everything you need on Orange Free Sounds
We can offer you the creating of music and complete audio solutions for video games, sound logos, TV and radio clips, children and documentary programs, web presentations.

Who Uses Orange Free Sounds?

– Sound Designers
– Film Editors
– Home video Makers
– Students
– Music Producers
– TV and Radio stations
– Web Designers
– Video game Developers
– Theater Sound Designers
– Documentary filmmakers

Contact: [email protected]