Angry Cat Sounds


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9 Responses

  1. MK says:

    Can this sound scar away rats?

  2. Jitendra Dalpati says:

    Cats think there is a real cat somewhere and tries to find her out..

  3. Slowfox says:

    Hi, we used one of your sounds in an audio drama. If you give us your name, we can credit you in the closing titles.

  4. Tuhin says:

    Hey! thanks for the free help!

  5. Kai says:

    This was realistic enough to fool my dog. She’s friends with my sister’s kitten, and when she heard this, she came running to me looking really concerned. I had to calm her down and show her it was just my phone.

  6. Memory says:

    I want to use this sound to scar away the rats in my room

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