Dog Whistle Sound


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  1. doran says:

    DUDE NICE! my dog only barked on low fequency but on higher frequencys which i could not hear he was quiet

  2. alexander says:

    Nice to here that it works for your dog too, we’ll make some more soon…
    Bur please don’t overuse it, they are sensitive creatures 🙂

  3. your mom says:

    it doesnt work homie g

  4. One of the peeps says:

    I CAN HEAR ALL OF THE SOUNDS! My dog didn’t like them at all.

  5. Monica says:

    My pekinese sat up and stared when I played the first 8 seconds on my phone. I have never tried a dog whistle before with any of my rescue dogs. Interesting.

  6. brady says:


  7. Brenda says:

    Just tried it as our puppy is deaf or at least extremely hard of hearing . We thought that he may pick up at least a bit. He didn’t but our other dog heard it. Thank you its great . Ideal for testing for deafness. X

  8. Bloody Riz says:

    Well I could hear the first two, OUCH! They also got both my cats attention. The last two I could not hear, but they more than had my cats attention.

  9. alucard says:

    heard all of them, 5 mins later my cat still hates me:(

  10. Foodismylife says:

    My dog woke up

  11. Foodismylife says:

    I have six

  12. kindle says:

    Wow that sucked my dog hated it and after 2 minutes of NOT hearing it feels like I can STILL heat it

  13. Emon says:

    My dogs didn’t do anything…

  14. ParkourAssassin says:

    my dog is everywhere….

  15. Sami says:

    I can’t even stand to hear the first sound. How am I gonna stand the rest?????

  16. smack says:

    I heard all 3 of them. So does this make me a dog ? Kidding. Now I feel sick thought poor dogs…

  17. Piyal Sanjeewa says:


  18. Mimi says:

    Our dog ran away this afternoon and I swear that while we were screaming our heads off, it wasn’t until we found and used this that he turned up. Thank you so much!

  19. Jennifer crystal says:

    I could hear them all…

  20. Skittles says:

    I tortured my teacher with it thanks

  21. kaitlyn says:

    love duke

  22. Blazeman20 says:

    This crap sucks doesn’t even work

  23. Zach says:

    I can hear all the whistles and I’m going crazy with it and my dog just sleep, don’t care

  24. Don says:

    good for an instant head ache.

  25. Camryn McDonnell says:

    i heard it all did not work my dog did not move

  26. Imran khan says:

    I think it is not effected on dogs

  27. RM says:

    I heard only the first sound. By the the time I assume the third sound would have played the neighbors asshole dog stopped barking and went to the other side of his yard and sulked. Outstanding! This was using an iPhone connected by Bluetooth to an Anker Soundcore 2 portable speaker pointed right at the little bastard and cranked up all the way at a distance of 10-15 feet. I’m going to let him have it every time he barks at me. Let’s see how long it takes before he leaves me alone. I still cant believe it works!

  28. Ariana says:

    My dog was crying so I turned it on she stopped for hours. Love it!

  29. Makenzie says:

    Hello. How is your day today? I hope you are having a great day. You are perfect and beautiful in my mind keep your head up. Be you, be unique, be limited edition. This world needs you stay strong!

  30. breyton says:

    that hert my ears soooooo bad

  31. Rukkus says:

    My partner just yelled from the kitchen “the f..k is that noise?”

  32. Emily says:

    Dogs? I earraped my class

  33. aaron says:

    i did the whistle sound in my class room no one never knowssss….

  34. johnson says:

    great my dog perked up and looked at my phone!!! great

  35. Sub To Jaws on Yt says:

    playing in class be like
    STOP IT XD thanks

  36. this whistle worked on my dog.

  37. mannnnnnnn says:

    i played this in class perfect to make everyone deaf

  38. Dem Beans! says:

    DUDE!!! heard them all! hurt like heck!

  39. THE GOAT says:

    by the last one i felt like my eardrums were bleeding – tortured my class with it so fun XD

  40. KLEEN says:

    same i tortured my class cause they couldnt find out it was me

  41. Julie says:

    This doesn’t work at all! But they work well for messing with my friends

  42. Joe mama says:

    Hey, this is a great way to ruin a school and their children, I just hit two kids who were trying to escape with my car, Im being sent to court for genocidal homocide.

  43. SmallDinoChild says:

    I hear them all!! ALL FOUR!! Perfect for torture

  44. Tobirama says:

    My dog left at 00:13

  45. Idk says:

    I could hear all the sounds, am I suppose to? My dogs didn’t seem to mind the dog whistle to much. Could this damage my ears?

  46. Tyler says:

    i used in class to annoy my teachers

  47. Nnone says:

    Didn’t work for my dog 🙁
    Probably cause he is have blind lol

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