Piano Melody


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19 Responses

  1. Dinos says:

    can i use this music fore a non commercial video ?

    its for the protection of a national park …

  2. Mass Basil says:

    Hi alexandr..can I use This music for our track …
    and can we upload it in youtube

  3. Flávio says:

    I’m editing a 3D video and want to put this song . I will mention your name in the credits.

  4. Sadashiv Borgaonkar says:


    Can I use this track for my commercial eLearning Course?

  5. elizabeth says:

    hey can i use this in my video

  6. jo says:

    Hi, could i please use your track for my video for a training course

  7. Katy says:

    Could i please use this for my boss’s retirement video?

  8. Eric Leung says:

    Hi, Could I use this for my presentation video?

  9. GBH says:

    Thank you, i think you have a great talent and are gentleman for letting us use your beautiful music.

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