Benny Hill Theme


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12 Responses

  1. angry says:

    free licence not acceptet in YouTube by [Merlin] IDOL Distribution
    in action from: Playtime

  2. Facebook took my video off because I used your Benny Hill Theme music as the background audio. I am not charging for viewing the video, so isn’t that considered personal use?

    • alexander says:

      Hi Robert,
      we clearly stated above “Artist: /” meaning that Orange Free Sounds (OFS) is not the author (there is a small number of sounds like this one, mostly some “traditional themes”). What Facebook considers as license “Personal Use Only” and non-commercial use, you will have to ask FB for explanation
      So, everything clear, I suppose.

  3. Lisa DeLooze says:

    Thanks for the dl. Grandbaby dances to it. We both love it

  4. Hamuel S. And Witch says:

    YouTube recognized this file and allowed use. I assume it was because I am not running ads on the video. I believe it also inserted credit in the video.

  5. Daniel H. Crabtree says:

    I still love Benny Hill since 1970’s
    Very gripping, relaxing, funny. Theres only one of you, but be it if I could I would have more just like him!!! 🙁

  6. Bill says:

    can we buy a commercial license for the track?

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