Relaxing Music With Water Sounds Meditation

Description:  Relaxing music with water sounds meditation mp3 download. Soft instrumental background song. Free music for Youtube videos. Commercial use allowed.
Genres: Relaxing Music
Artist: Alexander Blu

File Details

Quality: MP3 320 Kbps, 16 bit / 44.100 khz
Duration: 03:52 min
Tempo: 102 bpm
Audio Size: 8,23 mb
Licence: The song is permitted for commercial use under license Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
Relaxing Music With Water Sounds Meditation Free Mp3 Download

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20 Responses

  1. Hooman says:

    I appreciate it

  2. Jac Tyler says:

    They are really amazing sounds

  3. nithin says:

    very good

  4. mukhtar.salih says:

    I like it it’s relaxing me

  5. Alora says:

    Thanks, i love it

  6. sushma says:

    It’s just wow. but how may i download it?

  7. Bogdan says:

    Thank you. Lovely to hear

  8. tharani says:

    would like to ask is that have a 1 hour music..because
    i just love your music so much so i would like to apply in office

  9. areti says:

    thank you. i hope this will help my son sleep …

  10. Au says:

    It’s nice music. it could relax my mind thank you and all the best

  11. Au says:

    Thank you and all the best

  12. Phil says:

    Helped me get to sleep easy when I was up all night thanks for making it

  13. Srikanth says:

    If it will be of 1 hour or more it will be nice because your music was really peace full and people need your music more

  14. Nice to meet you says:

    its amazing and really wonderful for plays and acts ; ) :0 ;0

  15. Shahin says:

    Thanks for sharing !!

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