Windswept – Synth Guitar and Soft Strings


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13 Responses

  1. Richard Slease says:

    I love your music. I have been trying to find something good for my power points that will keep my 8th grade students paying attention (or engaged as we say in the education world), and I believe I have struck gold here! Or orange, as the case may be.


  2. rl says:

    i really need those for our docu

  3. Fareez says:

    Nice music! May I use your music in a non-commercial project of mine?

  4. Mass Basil says:

    i really need this for my remix..thx bro..

  5. قالب وردپرس says:

    Very Nice,
    I Love This Music.

  6. Milton Muranaga says:

    Hello Kevin and Alexander.
    Im brazilian-japaneses, living in Japan.
    Please le me use your beautiful song in my video. Its not for commercial purpose.
    Many thanks in advance!

  7. alexander says:

    You can use song “Windswept” in your video.

  8. 张洋 says:


  9. Pavlina Nikolova says:

    thank you for making available this music is wonderful. i need it for background for my video – Animals in the spiritual world according to Spiritism.

  10. sherry says:

    very2 nice …really love this music…can I use it for my video (non-commercial project), it is free?

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